.I THINK WE CALLED IT FAMILY_reloaded investigates with eleven young people the root of us all – the family. A production about the root that we all share, about the stories that we share, about this looking for something, about breaking out, about questions, about doubts, about love, about silence, about leaving, about staying, about future, about those shared family stories.

.I THINK WE CALLED IT FAMILY_reloaded  is a shortened, a bit actualized and most of all adapted to the new stage at Brunnenpassage Wien version of .I THINK WE CALLED IT FAMILY premiered at Schauspielhaus Wien in June 2016.


.I THINK WE CALLED IT FAMILY_reloaded untersucht mit elf jungen Menschen unser aller Wurzel – die Familie. Eine Produktion von dieser, unserer Wurzel, von den Geschichten, die wir alle teilen, von dem Suchen, von dem Ausbrechen, von dem Immer-Wieder-Finden, von den Fragen, vom Zweifel, von der Liebe, von dem Schweigen, vom Gehen, vom Reisen, vom Bleiben, von Zukunft, von diesen unseren Familiengeschichten.

.I THINK WE CALLED IT FAMILY_reloaded ist eine etwas gekürzte, leicht aktualisierte und vor allem an die Bühne der Brunnenpassage Wien adaptierte Version von .I THINK WE CALLED IT FAMILY, welche im Juni 2016 im Schauspielhaus Wien uraufgeführt wurde.

We do not see each other. We do not hear each other. We do not feel each other. We do not smell each other. We do not taste each other.

But you are here.

I decided that you are here and you are here. And I curl up in my memory of you. In you.

You are here.

And it hurts.

SAAD   No, no don’t put it all on me. I had enough.

SUSE   I think that dried flowers are very beautiful as well.

FABIENNE   Yes, I do believe we are crazy. Postively. Crazy. Of course.

ALAA    I miss her.

NEGIN    We ordered a chicken and an egg from the internet to see which one arrives first.

ELENA   Moving to a new apartment.

TAREK   Moving to the new house.

AMIN    When you were dancing.

LAURA    How could the queen matter so much to us?

ELISSAVETA   Where are the chocolate people in the button now?

LARA    A lot, a lot of us. Always. Boooom. Most of the times.


Premiere: June 2016 Schauspielhaus Wien

Resumption: November 2016 + January 2017 Brunnenpassage Wien

Concept/Directed by Barbara Wolfram || Text | Barbara Wolfram + .EVOLve Theatre Company Ensemble || Production Management | Nikola Adams || Artistic Assistant | Max Smirzitz || Stage | Nathalie Lutz (Idea Barbara Wolfram) || Lightdesign | David Garcias Santos/ Richard Rogenhofer Brunnenpassage Wien

In cooperation with Train of Hope, Brunnenpassage Wien, ERASMUS Student Network, Lions Club Wien, Afghan Women Writing’s Project, Smart Academy