The .EVOLve Theatre Company is a young, international theatre collective founded in 2014. Its work is focusing on transcultural and inclusive forms of performing arts. Alternative ways of theatrical expression are explored; a long-lasting exchange that transcends the work on stage, is lived.

.EVOLve negotiates its own position and societal political topics in particular with body-based and choreographical forms of expression in combination with text, language and dialogue to enable a more equal access to contemporary theatre. .EVOLve’s works try to fathom the human being, being human in today’s world. The collective understands itself as witnesses, as theatre is ascribed as a witness to the world and the society where it is made and shown. .EVOLve represents an open and a connected world.

The company is primarily working with young performers from all over the world, developing individual plays out of the young performers’ experiences, their understandings of the world, dreams, hopes, fears, questions, doubts and memories. Out of all which makes us human. Over the last three years five theatrical performances were developed in participation with around 50 young performers coming from Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia, Greece, Italy, Spain, Syria, Great Britain, Turkey, France, Finland, Denmark, Kurdistan, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Afghanistan, Liechtenstein, Iraq, Iran, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, New Caledonia and Austria.

In response to all the people currently fleeing from war and similar atrocities around the world, the .EVOLve Theatre Company wants to respond with its own possibilities and means. Starting in March 2016, the company will welcome people that are currently looking for asylum in Austria to work with them and to develop some plays together with Austrian as well as international young performers from all over Europe.