.I THINK WE CALLED IT FAMILY investigates with sixteen young people the root of us all – the family. A production about the root that we all share, about the stories that we share, about this looking for something, about breaking out, about questions, about doubts, about love, about silence, about leaving, about staying, about future, about those shared family stories.


.I THINK WE CALLED IT FAMILY untersucht mit sechzehn jungen Menschen unser aller Wurzel – die Familie. Eine Produktion von dieser, unserer Wurzel, von den Geschichten, die wir alle teilen, von dem Suchen, von dem Ausbrechen, von dem Immer-Wieder-Finden, von den Fragen, vom Zweifel, von der Liebe, von dem Schweigen, vom Gehen, vom Reisen, vom Bleiben, von Zukunft, von diesen unseren Familiengeschichten.

It is perfect, isn’t it? Yes, perfect. You work perfectly, you deal with your life in a perfect manner. You are hyper perfect. You smile. You dance. You laugh. You are nodding with your head. You smile. Most of all. Very important. Show me your smiles. Yes, perfect. The best place to hide is in the light. You smile. But when you turn around. When you close the door of your home. You cease to be that person. You break down. Well, some would probably call it that way. Yes.

JOHNNY       Look at me.

GROUP         Look at me?

JOHNNY       Yes, me.

GROUP         What me?

JOHNNY       Me!

GROUP         There is only us, we, our. What is me?

JOHNNY       Me – Me. Me – your me. Mememe. You. Me – You. Me Gap You.

GROUP         Me Gap You? What gap?

JOHNNY       There is me. Space. Gap. Distance. There is you. All of you. But not me.

GROUP         No you. No gap. No me. Our. We. Us. One.

JOHNNY       No. Me. I. My. My life. My decisions. My me.

GROUP         We do not understand.

JOHNNY       But I do. And I do not want to. No group. No we, our, us. Me, I, my.

Premiere: June 2016 Schauspielhaus Wien

Concept/Directed by Barbara Wolfram || Text | Barbara Wolfram + .EVOLve Theatre Company Ensemble || Production Management | Nikola Adams || Artistic Assistant | Max Smirzitz || Stage | Nathalie Lutz (Idea Barbara Wolfram) || Lightdesign | Oliver Matthias Kratochwill Schauspielhaus Wien

In cooperation with Train of Hope, Schauspielhaus Wien, ERASMUS Student Network, Lions Club Wien, Afghan Women Writing’s Project, Smart Academy

© .EVOL|ve Theatre Company