Tomorrowness is a reflection on the fragment state of the future, on the dream we call future, on the fear that lingers around that dream, a dancing fear ever changing, ever loaded with the doubts of being alive, with the doubts of finally having to start the future and not knowing when and whereto. Over and over again. A fragmentic reflection on the pieces that might be the bricks of our future.

Life has become a little too normal. We got so nice and well behaved. So proper and right about everything. We are only doing what we are supposed to be doing without knowing where that knowledge comes from. We shy away from any surprise because we are too scared to loose what we do not yet have, we start to be having a picture made out of stone, we start to be cattle, machines.

I do not want to follow them.

I want to believe in things, in ideas, in change, in something, anything. I want to believe. To live for something.

K: I wanted to see the

L: grasps for air

C: I will see the whole

L: grasps for air, smiles

K: No, you are dre

L: swallows the rest

C: Speak more clearly, I do not un

L: swallows the rest

K: You believe in something that is not re

L: grasps for air

C: You are always so

L: looks for words

C: I will see

L: smiles with closed eyes

K: We were both full with the same

L: shakes his head

Premiere: June 2015 Dschungel Wien

Concept|Text|Directed by Barbara Wolfram || Production Management | Nikola Adams || Artistic Assistant | Max Smirzitz  || Production Assistant | Anna Gettel || Light | Dschungel Wien

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