Room, what does room mean?

Well, as we are a rather large group of people who try to make some theatre, we always need a rather large room for our weekly rehearsals and our four weekend workshops. A room where twenty people can easily move around, jump around, sit around, dance, think, discuss, and spend some time together.

So, how can you help us? If you are by any chance the owner of such a room and you feel like giving it away to us for little or no money, that would be the perfect shot. If you know about such a room and you can get us in touch with the owner of that room, that would be the second biggest shot. If you have heard any distant rumour about such a room, but no real contact to anyone related to that room, well, then just get in touch with us anyway. We are quite good at finding stuff out.



Yes, it is also a money thing.

Of course we would like to .EVOLve without money at all, but as we all know, the world we currently live in is not the biggest supporter of that idea.

And yes, we need to pay the rent for the rehearsal rooms, the costumes, the props, the materials for the stage settings, the flyers and posters.

So if you feel like giving us a little money support, no matter how much, it will be highly appreciated and be sure well used as well!

Get in touch with us!

Much .EVOLve!