.EVOL|ve, the first play of the .EVOLve Theatre Company, and name giver for the company, is a contemplation on the absurdity of love, of the evolving power of loving and being loved, an exploring journey to the in-betweens and abysses of the sublime state that we call love.

AC: A la chasse aux lions en Afrique, je me suis tordu la cheville. Dans ma douleur, mes yeux se sont décillés et j’ai compris le sens de la vie. On naît et puis on meurt, c’est simple. Et entre-temps, en s’ennuie. Alors pour s’occuper, on a inventé l’amour. Et ce n’était pas une mauvais idée. Parce que l’inspiration en est née, et qu’on a inventé l’art.

(Anna-Cécilia Pouliquen)

R: Má per che cazzo siamo degli’ essere umani? Why the fuck are we humans?

E: We are not humans. We’ ve already told you. We’d love to be humans, but in reality we never are.

R: Is this reality?

 The animals look at her.

 AC: It’s up to you.

L: It only depends what way you are looking.

Premiere: June 2014 Theaterbrett Vienna

Concept|Directed by Barbara Wolfram || Text | Barbara Wolfram Max Smirzitz + .EVOL|ve Company || Production Management | Nikola Adams || Assistant Director | Lukas Rossmann || Light | Benedikt Kittinger

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