“Sincerity. Honesty. This is how I would characterise the work we did. As it came from our own experiences, our own understanding of the world, our play was truly honest: we did not try to lie to ourselves, and we accepted our true selves to be naked, to be seen by others. At least that is how I feel. The whole creative process helped us to have a better understanding of ourselves (I speak for me), a better understanding of others, and of the possible relationships between them and us. We were all part of a group, we knew each other very well, deeply, and this honesty between us and this sense of being in a group, probably helped us to be aware of others on stage, not only to talk but also to listen, and to be present with our whole bodies.

One of the most powerful moments, at least to me, was a beautiful scene where every single one of us had a monologue in his or her mother language, addressed to one person in the audience. Hearing all the languages around me, being completely sincere with one person, accepting that this person would see me completely naked (metaphorically), even without understanding my language, that was truly one of the most astonishing theatrical experiences in my life.”

Aleksi Moine | France, Finland